Thursday, December 14, 2006

New People's Initiative (for Charter Change)

I, Dante Montano Tagle of Makati, an ordinary Filipino citizen believe that our nation should shift to at least a unicameral Congress, if not a unicameral parliament. I believe that our current political system, the bicameral system, is too slow moving, rigid, prone to political "gridlocks" to adapt to the challenges of today's constantly changing world. For our nation to be more economically competitive; I believe that our government needs to be more responsive, adaptive, efficient, swift to exploit opportunities and fast enough to solve problems. Furthermore, we need a system that has more accountability; and this I believe we could achieve under a unicameral Congress/Parliament.

I was dismayed with the failure of the People's Initiative of Sigaw ng Bayan; the "retreat" of the Constituent Assembly; I am now disgusted in seeing the Philippine Senate dragging its feet on Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) which many Senators and anti Charter Change groups supported before.

I have started this initiative to begin a "New People's Initiative" in support of a shift to a unicameral Congress/Parliament. The Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, in its decision on Sigaw ng Bayan People's Initiative, has ruled that there is sufficient enabling law for people to propose amendment/s to the Philippine constitution. I am exercising this right as a Filipino citizen. As the present Chief Justice Reynato Puno said in his dissenting opinion on the Sigaw ng Bayan People's Initiative: sovereign power resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.

I believe many Filipinos share my belief. I urge everyone who dreams of a First World Philippines to join this crusade; many of our people are still suffering from poverty and they need solutions now. Our nation's success would depend on our collective efforts; we have a long way to go and we would be facing stiff opposition. Nevertheless time is on our side; the Philippine Senate has outlived its usefulness; we need a political system that could really move this country forward; a government that is more responsive; more accountable and with a more streamlined decision making process. As one philosopher, Victor Hugo, said: "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

Signed: Dante Montano Tagle
Date: 13 December 2006
Makati, Philippines